Upload Plugins and Themes

WordPress-Plus.org is a portal for professional plugin and theme developers (those who expect to make a living out of plugin/theme development) away. They are welcome here in this WordPress Plus portal!

Here you can list your commercial plugin or theme at whatever price you decide it is worth. If you have your own payment gateway set up at your web server, we will forward your potential buyers there. If you want to provide a free or time or feature limited version of your plugin and upsell it, that is okay too. And, if you want us to handle all the payments, we can do that as well.

One word about licensing: WordPress.org expects you release all your plugins and themes GPL because they consider them "derivative" work. While we can debate the merits and demerits of such arguments, it may be safest to follow a GPL-compatible license unless you are willing to defend your position in a court of law if push comes to shove.

Here are the various packages you can choose from:

  • Buy Hosting Package! Hosted: We handle all your payments and provide download links. We pay you 60% of the net revenue from your sales. For hosting your download and providing secure and automated PayPal gateway, you pay $4.95 a month and a one-time setup fee of $9.95.
  • Buy Listing Package! Listed: We list your product, but you host your download and payment gateway. If you already have the bandwidth and payment gateway, you can choose this option and keep 100% of your sales revenue. It costs $5.95 a month, plus a one-time setup fee of $11.95.
  • Buy Upselling Package! Upselling: We list and host a lite version of your product. Within the plugin, you up-sell your Pro version. The lite version is typically a feature or time-limited plugin or theme. You will handle the Pro sales. This option costs $13.95 to set up and $6.95 a month.

If you have already bought subscriptions from us, you can check your status here using your email ID and subscription ID. Check Your Status

If you have an active subscriptions with us, you can take a look at your uploads and modify them, if needed. You will need your email ID and your subscription ID. Upload Your Files

Note that the rates are being optimized, and may change in the future.
One subscription can be used to upload either one plugin or one theme.