Our Philosophy

Although WordPress provides a great blogging program for free (free and priceless, as they like to put it), they have some anti-developer policies. Most of these policies are backed up their own strict interpretation of what GPL means. This interpretation, if honest, would be fine, but some striking inconsistencies point to the fact that this interpretation is more a matter of convenience than idealism.

WordPress team insist that plugin authors should put nothing in the publicly displayed pages of the end users by default. In other words, the user should make an informed choice by checking a box before something is displayed by the plugin. For instance, they shouldn't add "Powered by Easy AdSense," "Theme Tweaked" etc without asking the user first. This restriction sounds reasonable even praiseworthy, until you notice that WordPress inserts "Powered by WordPress" in the footer of every blog by default, and with no obvious way to disable it! So is the restriction a mark to true GPL idealism or a matter of convenience?

Another such disingenuous restriction is that a developer should not show ads on the user's publicly displayed (or even admin) pages.  Again, a reasonable request -- except that WordPress has no qualms displaying ads on their beta software, nor in their WordPress.com content created by unsspecting bloggers.

When even their narrow interpretation of GPL terms fails to justify their restrictions, they take a more draconian tone, as in their guidelines, "Well, this is our repository, and we will do what we like. Deal with it!"

This WP+ version and wp-plus.org website are my ways of dealing with it. Here, I welcome commercial plugins and themes. I will make it easy for the users of WordPress+ to find them, update them, and pay for them. I will make it possible for the professional developer to make a living out of their efforts, rather than contributing to the success of a small number of developers hiding behind an impervious GPL curtain, reaping enormous profits based on other people's work.