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We have no commercial themes to host yet. If you have a professional theme to sell, consider selling it here. The only theme from WP-Plus listed here is Amdhas (which provided the templates for this site), but it can be freely downloaded from WordPress.org.

From WP-Plus.org:
1 themes, 3 sales, and counting

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Buy Now!This is only a placeholder. No point buying it when you can download it for free from WordPress.org!
The real classical theme element with logical element. Amdhas theme has 8 front page, HTML5 markup, the page width to 320px choices, customize the color and background of each element, customizable fonts, CSS3 button, featured post slider, ads area, image ads rotator, responsive to 12 columns, twitter widget area, grid textarea, responsive design, SEO meta settings, embeding CSS every single post, customize the header, footer customization, skins for the sidebar, and much more. You can make your site elegant in minutes!. You can do through the features of theme options.